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Winter has arrived

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Winter has arrived for sure this time and as usual it

brings us the challenges that do affect us,

ever so slightly.

The temperature is the least of a traceurs issues when training with Jack Frost,

iced pavement and railings are two of my personal favorites

>slide-flips recommended (patent pending on that)


The salt at the bottom of your trackies is bad for the trampoline they said,

as we got kicked out of the gymnastics center for the fourth time this week.

They don’t understand us.

When winter hit two alliances were formed:

1:Parkour-Warrior (Life expectancy -25 years)


Okay, so I got that out of the way.But honestly, winter is always a difficult time for traceurs in Europe (Tempest…we hate you) and getting through this period is always rewarding, but along the way there are some things you can do to ease the transit from frost to defrost.

Here are some of my favorites:

  1. Double weight = Double gain: Basically wear two sets of socks, trackies t-shirts and hoodies. It’s fun because it makes you feel like you’re wearing armour (good for training shin precisions). Extra bonus: The added weight will increase your standing jump 4 feet by summer.
  2. Longer warmups: I’m sure none of you reading this actually warm-up anyways but basically the whole point of warming up is to get more blood flow to your muscles to increase power and elasticity and reduce likelihood of tears and other related injuries, so since it’s cold outside, and it takes more time to get your blood flowing. I highly suggest making sure you can actually feel your legs before going for a big standing pre (even if you always do it to warm up).
  3. Take it easy: Studies have shown many times (when I say “studies have shown” it means you have to blindly believe me now) that exercising every day, isn’t the way to get the best results. Turns out that training on every second day for example is a lot better. Giving time for your muscles to recuperate is best, no doubt, so rejoice! Embrace your lack of motivation and use that spare time to do something else! (fishing has been scientifically proven to promote standing jump distance).

That’s the end of my list, I’ve lost interest, and I don’t want to make things up (haha).

There’s something special about snow. I think we can all appreciate it. (There, I have a serious note)

No seriously, winter is fun, but different, don’t forget surfaces may seem the same, but you lose nothing by rechecking it even if you’ve done “that jump a thousand times”.

Move with Love!

Peace out!


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