move with love



There’s a secret in this world.
It’s not so much a secret as a misunderstanding.
It lays in the heart of everything we do.
It pulls us in all directions at once.
It creates our world and yet destroys us at the same time,
as if we’re building a world for only a ghost of what we can become.
The misunderstanding is this…
We’re not separate from our environment.
As trite as it sounds, it’s the truth.
It also happens to be an essential position to adopt in order to change our trajectory towards the self destruction we’re currently in and sway our path to a more sustainable and balanced paradigm.

A smart man once said: “To understand, is to transform what is”.
Most people are trying to change the world without really understanding it first.
Out of the need to remain polite to our website visitors, we would like to shortcut the philosophical path and put on the table that the only real way to understand our world in any meaningful sense, is to combine our increasing knowledge of the world with our constant struggle to understand ourselves as humans. We believe this path will lead us to a more insightful world view in which we’re an intrinsic and integral part of it, and from there we can start asking real questions about how we adapt to our environment without destroying it and ultimately ourselves with it.

How do we do this?
Well, there are many claims to knowledge on how to attain such an insight.
We however, would like to suggest a fun way.
What is it that we all do 99% of our waking lives?
No matter what culture you happen to be from, no matter what discipline, religious or political affiliation you subscribe to, or even what you look like. There’s one thing absolutely all of us have in common.
We move!
Movement, also happens to be the one thing that ties us all to real outcomes in the world.
So we figured, why not do it better?
Why not utilize the one tool we all have in common to collapse the differences between us and unite as a movement that focuses on nothing more than its name suggests?
If movement is always with us and connects us all to each other and the world, why not pay more attention to how we move?
Move with grace.
Move with awareness.
Move through freedom.


Jesse Peveril welcome

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